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How to Trick Your Cat Into Behaving

November 15 2014

Cats are many things. They are cute, loving, affectionate, frisky, energetic … and sometimes, a bit naughty. Our feline friends tend to do what they want, when they want, and how they want, and they sometimes have a knack for misbehaving. Direct punishment, however, is not a good route to take with cats. You may end up frightening your cat, which can lead to anxiety and behavioral issues. Addressing the issue behind Fluffy’s naughtiness, and using positive reinforcement for good behavior, is a much better tactic. Here are a few tips from your vet clinic Conway:


Fluffy isn’t purposely misbehaving when she scratches the sofa. Scratching is a natural habit in cats, as keeping those sharp little claws in top shape is crucial to kitties in the wild. It’s very important that you give Kitty something to scratch, such as a post or cat tower. Make this scratching zone even more tempting with treats and catnip. If your cat is still scratching your furniture, you might find a combination of tactics works best. Keep a squirt bottle or bike horn handy, and use it only when you see Kitty scratching on furniture. If your furball is scratching walls, put Scotch tape on the corners she prefers. It won’t show, and it will deter her.

Jumping on Counters

Used properly, a squirt bottle can be a very effective tool for keeping Fluffy off your kitchen counters. Another trick is to put some change in a metal tin, and rattle it loudly as soon as she jumps onto the counter. Clapping your hands loudly might also startle her enough to make her jump down. You’ll also want to address the main reason for Kitty’s behavior. Like many of her feline kin, she likely enjoys being in a high place, as it affords her a better view. A cat tower or window perch will allow her a spot from which she can survey her domain.

Nighttime Frolics

If your kitty tends to run around in the middle of the night chasing toys while you’re trying to rest, you might need to nudge your cat into a sleep pattern that is more synchronized with yours. Closing the bedroom door may help, but it may also just make Fluffy scratch and meow to be let in. The better tactic to take is to help your furball stay engaged during the day, so she’s tired at night. Setting up a cat tree or window seat where Kitty can watch what’s going on in your neighborhood will make her daytime hours more interesting. When you get home, make sure to get in some playtime, which will also help wear your out. As your vet clinic Conway, we are here to answer all your questions, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

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