You adore your pet, so it’s only natural to want to extend his or her life for as long as possible. The happier and healthier your furry friend is, the more years of companionship you can enjoy together. At Waccamaw Regional Veterinary Center, we want to help support that goal – every step of the way. That’s why we’ve placed such a strong emphasis on wellness care. When you bring your pet in to see us at least once a year, we are better able to manage their health over time and provide them with the best chance at enjoying a long, healthy life.

The Truth About Wellness Care

Many years ago, through extensive research and experience, we discovered that 1 in 5 pets that appeared to be completely healthy actually had abnormalities in their laboratory work. That meant a cherished family member could go months or even years suffering from a medical condition that went undetected. For that reason, we rededicated our efforts to focus on the importance of wellness care so that we could find potential medical concerns early on, preventing needless illness and extending and improving the lives of our patients.

Our goal at Waccamaw is that no pet ever suffer from health problems. We believe that 95% of pet health concerns are preventable, which is why we feel so strongly about wellness and preventative medicine. When we are able to prevent and detect disease in its earliest stages, we have a much better chance at addressing it in a way that will get positive, long-term results.

What does this mean for your pet? It’s simple. It means that we’re committed to managing your companion’s ongoing good health in the most effective manner possible. Through annual exams, customized vaccination plans, parasite control, nutrition and weight management, behavioral counseling and anything else we deem to be important to your pet’s health and happiness. We’re here to be your partner, every step of the way.

Additional Benefits of Wellness Care

Along with health management and disease prevention, regular wellness care also provides us with the opportunity to get to know you and your pet better. When you visit with us once or twice a year, you allow your companion to develop a sense of trust that is crucially important in veterinary care. Through consistency, compassion – and plenty of tasty treats – visits to our clinic will become a positive experience that your pet actually looks forward to!

Waccamaw Regional Veterinary Center offers comprehensive wellness care to pets of all ages. Let us get your four-legged family member on the path to a lifetime of good health.