We’d like to ask you an honest question. How fresh is your pet’s breath?

If you shy away from those wet, slobbery kisses or get the urge to reach for a breath mint every time your companion gets close, chances are it’s time to schedule a visit with us.

Not only is bad breath unpleasant to live with, but it can actually be a sign that your pet is suffering from dental problems. These dental problems may range from simple plaque and tartar buildup to dental disease, a much more serious medical condition. Keep your pet protected from the risks of oral health problems by making a commitment to ongoing dental care with Waccamaw Regional Veterinary Center.

We offer comprehensive, professional pet dentistry services, from routine preventative care to the advanced treatment of existing oral health problems. Our team is experienced in performing dental exams and teeth cleanings, as well as tooth extractions and minor oral surgery, as needed. We’ll even show you ways that you can help your pet maintain clean teeth and healthy gums at home, in between vet visits.

Even if you’ve never given your pet’s pearly whites a second thought, it’s never too late to get them started on the path to good dental health! Let’s work together to help your animal friend achieve a clean, fresh smile for life!